Java Swing Form Validation

on Apr 3, 2015 | in Programming | 0 comments

Ever needed to verify your text fields and/or text areas that the input is in correct form?
Well, I did. As a matter of fact, where I work right now demanded me to provide verification for the project we were working for.
I searched for any reliable verification libraries for Java, and in fact I found a few, most popular being from JGoodies but due to requirements I ended up writing my own using the way provided here. Then again, that way was not enough, lacking in a few ways, making me improvise on it, and here it is.

For anyone interested, it’s on my BitBucket account. I think code is very simple, and the Test class I provided gives a very clear idea as how to use it, or how to implement new validation ways. In any case, I will probably provide new examples and step by step implementation of a new verifier. All in all, I relied on the native method setInputVerifier( new myCustomInputVerifier()); so it is pretty convenient to use. Where I work will use this library (not as it is though) in our other project, so I guess it will be useful to some of you.

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Paralycid Gameplay Teaser

on Nov 14, 2014 | in Paralycid | 0 comments

Here’s a gameplay video from our new game, Paralycid:

We have been working on this game for a time now, and it’s matured enough for a showcase. Paralycid is a state between lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis, and story and gameplay elements feed on them.

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A Special Salute from Guy Cihi, Voice Actor of Silent Hill 2 – James Sunderland

on Oct 8, 2014 | in Silent Hill | 0 comments

Recently, my friend and team member Zia from Team From Beyond went to a very exciting event on October 4.

Guy Cihi, voice actor of James Sunderland and Dave Schaufele, voice actor of Eddie Dombrowski, both Silent Hill 2 characters, was going to have pizza in North Carolina, to make it into an event, to gather with fans…

As someone who lives in Tennessee, to go North Carolina was relatively easier for Zia, considering I reside in Turkey. But of course, I missed my London connected flight (!) so it became impossible for me to go North Carolina; however Zia said that he would get me something for surprise. I would expect something like a photo, a signed copy of something…

But I got this instead,

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