JavaMelody as a Monitoring Plugin in Grails

on Sep 19, 2014 | in Programming | 0 comments

Since the rise of web applications, abstraction levels has become nearly impossible to trace. For smaller teams with limited time and resources ORM, high level abstraction and deployability is important, yeah; but until when?

I’ve started to work at another software company two months ago. I had to quit my job at an R&D company I worked before as the head of software department at the end of May; but being an indie game developer and independent author, without a certain income nothing was going to work for me (and it didn’t, a rough couple of months), so I searched for a job and finally a colleague presented me where he works, where I have been working for two months now.

Using Grails, (built on Groovy, which is built on Java, which is built on…) ORM is inevitable, also you tend to overlook many things as deadlines and other issues are pushing. In the end, as a relatively new developer, issues that were assigned to me (respond times, load tests, other problems), I had no idea how to investigate (trace the problem to its core) since I am so used to use JDBC as most sophisticated bridge and Java as the highest level language. You may see why in various discussions on the net, especially here in this particular StackOverflow question.

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Amnesia-like Door & Interaction Mechanics in Unity

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I see people keep asking for the same thing over and over. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was an awesome game with superb gameplay, and White Night was a success thanks to that mostly. I can see why people would like to have that mechanic in their games, but really, it has to fit in the concept.

I’ve been working on Paralycid and its gameplay for a very long time now, and this is what I have achieved with built-in Unity physics & my programming skills.

Here’s the video, sorry for the heavy breathing, I was also testing something else:

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NodeJS, NPM & Bower on openSUSE 13.1

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If you find yourself working with any NodeJS and/or Bower components or if you are in need of that, and if you are working with openSUSE, you’ll find that nodeJS in official repos are pretty much outdated (Dec ’13).

You’ll need to add this repo and update your NodeJS, so npm commands works and does not give you ENOENT errors:

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