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Silent Hill: Homecoming Download

Hi guys, I’m Tanshaydar
I had a very complicated dilemma either to share this or not. But finally, I decided to share, because I believe, true Silent Hill fans would purchase if they could; and I believe that they’ll purchase when it’ll be available for their regions.
I just want to believe it, because I think I’m the first betrayer of Homecoming. So, I get very flurried, and I messed up something. Do not worry, I’ll explain everything slowly.

-Firstly, game doesn’t have any protection as Steam or CD key. This means, you can play immediately after you download.
-Game files’ size is 8.16 GB. But when I compress it, it became 4.77 GB. So, you have 50 parts to download.
Game has five language support: English, French(Français), Spanish(Español), German(Deutsch), Italian(Italiano).
-I just messed up with that language files, so I give you language files separately to download.
Here you’re:

So, what you should do is, just to replace string folder with this string folder [silent hill homecomingEnginegameinfostrings]
-Then you can start with [silent hill homecomingBinSilentHill.exe]. If you want, you can make a shortcut of this file to desktop.
-Here, there is something I messed up, too. Compression passwords. First one is www.oyun-arsivi.net to make them one SilentHillHomecoming compressed zip file. Second password is silenthilltr.com
-I don’t know why I put this muck passwords, maybe I just messed up my brain. Sorry for this.
-Second compressed file has real game files, so you should be careful about where to extract.
-I’m sorry about that too much talking, but I just messed up everything, and I ask you to forgive me about all things that I messed up.

… and Silent Hill, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Here is rapidshare folder: http://rapidshare.com/users/VBYB1J
There are 50 files, 49 parts are 100 MB, 50th part is 61 MB

-Last thing, you must install latest DirectX version. Here it’s (86 MB).

That’s all, I hope you’ll enjoy and purchase original game as soon as possible. And one more thing, I cannot upload to torrent, I live in a campus, and my connection admins don’t allow us to use torrents.

Have fun 😉

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  1. Thank you very much

    Blake 12 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  2. Thk a lot…

    Koisha 12 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  3. thx you man!

    Skiff 12 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  4. Well, personally i’m very insulted by the way Valve and Konami treated us fans before the release, and even more insulted by the regional restrictions. If they didn’t put those in place, i would buy it with no doubt. But if they are unwilling to take my money, it’s their problem.

    RommeDeSerieux 12 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  5. please upload it on thepiratebay.org

    67567 12 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  6. Thank you very much Tans!

    Many Silent Hill fans from Europe are going to appreciate this and we hope we can persuade Konami with this action to release it sooner.

    Remember to buy the original game once it’s out!

    James SH2 12 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  7. thaks for this but could you fix the password isssues and reupload onto megaupload.com (links can be upto 1gb in size for free users)

    alexvander 13 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  8. @ alexvander

    I can’t use megaupload from here, Turkey.
    I can’t use torrents neither, since I live in a campus.

    Someone else may upload to torrents or somewhere else. That’s all I can do for now. Sorry that I couldn’t help.

    Tanshaydar 13 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  9. Silent Hill: Homecoming (2008/ENG/SPA/ITA/GER/FRA)


    Raz 13 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  10. http://game-torrent.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11818

    67567 13 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla
  11. It is a magnificent sharing! Unbelievable.

    Thank you so much!

    junmisugi84 15 Kasım '08 tarihinde | Cevapla

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